Snap shots of a Hartlepool housewife (I think)

A few years ago I was given an envelope full of old photos, they looked like contact prints, displayed in a hartlepool photo developing companies album, most of the prints looked around 4 by 4, probably 127 film.

There is a lot of nice pictures in this collection, there is also a lot of very bad images, my favourite bad images are a small collection of photos of musicians, on the television, they do make me smile though.

 There are a few people in these photos, and not knowing who any of them are it can be quite hard to tell who is who, but i think i have picked out a nice selection of images of one woman, i believe he to be from hartlepool, as some of the images look like they are from there, but i can’t be sure, and i would guess her to be a house wife and mother as there is pictures of (i think) her with a child. I would love to know more, but i doubt i will.

I will do these in what i believe to be chronoligical order, of what i am asuming is the same woman, but i could be mistaken

Grass Portrait

This looks older than the other images, and it one of my favourite portraits from the album.

Birdhouse Portrait

I really like how she looks like she is holding the frame, i found it quite an odd pose, more so because everything else looks very natural

Put the Kettle on 

Making tea.

Harbour Portrait

This looks like Hartlepool Harbour area, I really like the old rig in the background. If this is the same woman like I believe it looks like she has aged quite a lot since the first picture.

Wether these pictures are all of the same  woman or not I can’t be sure, but it makes a nice pictorial story if it is.

If you do recognise the woman or the area let me know i would like to find out more 


Not all photos are great

Many of the old cameras I find still have the odd roll of film in them. Sometimes I develop them sometimes not.

Mostly what I find are random amateur snapshots of places I can’t recognise, but these I do. Their from Keswick near the Pencil Factory and on the crags above the famous Ashness bridge over Derwent water. Film was 15+years expired and these were the only shots that were really visible on the film.


More from the Victorian Glass plate collection

5x4 Glass plate negatives, contact printed in dark room (quickly), then prints scanned in a not so great flat bed scanner.

Period approx 1900-1915 ? Maybe a bit later, difficult to tell.

1900/20 Glass Plate Negatives

Originally thought to be on Tynemouth beach/ park area,  but the buttress behind the retaining wall looks a lot like a park of Jesmond Dene, Newcastle.

1900/20 Glass Plate NegativesAgain could be Jesmond Dene, or one of the other parks in the area.  I’m at a loss to identify the uniform,  originally thought it was Royal Fusiliers, but now I’m not so sure.   Bit tricky to print this one, was heavily overexposed.


While we are on the subject of Polaroid

In one of my least cost effective decisions I decided that while on one of my adventures I would shoot the descent into darkness with a 90s polaroid 600 camera, not quite as old as my co-bloggers old school land camera, but this was before the impossible project so the 600 film packs cost me a bomb, that said I don’t like the impossible project film so i would still shoot the original pack film if given the choice (I am currently thinking about a instax camera to replace my instant itch)

The trip in question, was a nice sight seeing tour under paris. We took in some of the metro network, the non public ossuaries and a little bit of the graff around the quarries under paris, all in all a good trip. But the main reason I enjoyed this was that the medium really doesn’t suit this sort of project so the flaws in the medium left me with some unique prints, I haven’t seen anyone produce similar work, but if anyone has PLEASE let me know as it is something I would like to explore further.

going underground

As well as graff some of the locals have produce sculptures down there too

and here is some of that graff

its not an ossuary with out some of these

choo choo


hi there

i’m getting a lot into vintage equipment (im dissming my reflex digital and i got a small sony for the quick snaps).. do you know if it’s possible to find vintage polaroid films somewhere??

Thanks a lot


Well hello Francesco,

What film does your polaroid camera take, the impossible project and fuji still produce film for various types of polaroid cameras and backs, if you can power the camera then if you use film of the same speed you can always produce something if you are willing to experiment a bit. I have been looking at instax and polaroid spectra (1200 series), so if you are desperate for instant they mite be worth a look. Instax is still produced now and the wide produces and interesting print, and the 1200 series had some very good cameras available.

But the short answer is you can probably find what you want, but you will have to pay good money for older film.



Polaroid Revival

Always been fascinated by Polaroid, and no, its not because I’m a hipster, though I do sport a man bag packed with obsolete photographic equipment.  I’ve just never had the time, or spare effort to get into it.

Hunting about for a cheap land camera (focus’able lens + ridiculous size) or a folder, I remembered I have an entire box of them lurking in a corner (from buying at house clearances). Ratching through the giant pile of discarded plastic fantastics I found one that looked slightly less rubbish that the others, and it still had half a pack of film in it, SCORE!

This particular example is an ‘Instant 30’, with an almigthy 112mm f/9.4 ‘coated’ plastic lens, clockwork development timer, and possibly T H E worst viewfinder I’ve ever come across. But it has an 80s plastic charm and those last few shots need burn’t up.

Removed film pack in darkroom (surprisingly tricky for something designed to be simple!), dug out the well rotted & leaky old batteries (expired 1991!), cleaned up everything inside, including rollers, which were yellow, nice.

Found a whole pack of flashcubes, and YUP they definitely work, and YUP I still can’t see! Oopps.

Will fire off those last few shots this weekend and see if there is any life in the old girl. If not, I hear fuji NPC100 instant film still fits this.


Some street photography from Fowey

These photos were shot by my great grandmother (named Gaye) a long time ago, some probably before my mother was born. She worked using a rolleflex, a camera which I would very much like to own, as it would be a very nice project to return to some of her subjects to reshot them with a close to the original equipment as possible.

In these three shots we have some slides of the local streets in the cornish town of fowey

street 1 

street 2

street 3

if anyone has any more information on this area or anything about these shots I would love to know more.


This is why you look after your slides, or why you won’t anymore

In the same location I acquired the portrait, i also came across a selection of negatives, and slides. The slides had been kept in the same very poor conditions, this has produced some interesting degradation of the images. 

In some of the slides the image is still visible behind this, and on other all that remains is the marbled effect.

The scans leave a lot to be desired and ideally they should be edited a bit so they are a bit brighter. I did not fancy putting these on my main scanner due to how dirty they are, but I am sure you can still enjoy them.




Lurking in the bottom of a box of cameras from a house clearance was this
pair of wartime lovers .
the little frame is merely a thin piece of crudely stamped aluminum which
was a popular material in the late 40s and early 50s when other metals were
in short supply.

At the tIme the economy was in a bad way and this little frame was likely
all they could afford.

You have to ask what happened to this couple, where are they now and why
haven’t the next of kin rescued this personal photo from the salvage men?


A Rotten Portrait

A portrait for an industry magazine, the print had been left to the elements for some time, I would like to know more about this guy, given where I acquired the photo I will asume he has something to do with ship building in the local (North East England) area